Magnetic Metrology and Lemurian Oceanographers

I am the Great Jaguar, the COCO (cacao) temple of the ancient pre-flood peoples and I point to the JIMA KAITEI CHIKEI pyramids now sunken off your Japanese coastline (Yonaguni Monuments).

My neighbor wearing many MASKS and I point also to another set of now sunken Pyramids in your Wisconsin. Ed Leedskalnin who WE SENT U built Coral Castle in Homestead Florida knew me and my name…Rock Lake Wisconsin (Aztalan State Park). In your modern world I am at 88°51′46″ West and back in my world I was at 120° 01′ 41.3″ WEST from the Original Gisa Prime Meridian (1/3 around the Earth from our CAPSTONE)

~ Stratigraphic Paleoanthropological Magnetic Metrology student Zack Covell (La Jolla, California)

Walter Russell Octave Waves and Highlights to the Science of Art and the Art of Science

Wow friends, my art depicting a suppressed genius Walter Russell was feather on THE AMAZING TOUCH blog just now.

Here’s a sneak-peek at the art being featured below (but what does it mean?):

I invite questions of what the waves are depicting, I would love to explain to those who are interested and answer to the quote from Leonardo DaVinci so you may; “”Learn how to see – realize that everything connects to everything else.”

One Love friends!

Involution and Wealth of Ambitions as the Healthy Hire-Yourself Reality

I will make $100k before Oct 2014 by generating a “hire-myself” artist and inventor collective of VALUE funds to create a big-impact for scientist-artists to begin to finally to teach the suppressed sciences…no more Kicking-The-Can.

Sometimes I will stay up late at night working on my team-business ArTtAUM because what motivates my ambitions are clean and healthy world oceans and co-creation flowing between like-minded people motivates me highly also.

Say NOW I’m a millionaire, 2 years from now, and I AM created as all through the internet sharing my gifts. What I will do with your money now is inspire networks of relational-marketing by means of high-tech and yet simple-to-use modes of teaching online…doing away with the webinars of old and making the collaborative researcher a multi-dimensional being of awareness and a lighted heart path unfolding a new world inside and making consciousness more available to all.

Please share why you want to create wealth online with me NOW. Share details on what drives your ambition in the Comments, the reason that will keep you working when you’re tired and don’t want to.

I am already a highly successful individual on many levels as connecting my insides to the outside world has shown me the flow of myself. In terms of success I do not frame it in terms of financial success as I haven’t generated that type of income yet in my life so truly unraveling all the talents, gifts, and abilities I possess I am always learning to BE! What keeps me going when I am tired is love so you know is the abilities of others to express their gifts and talents as a teacher and listener and friend.

I love you, Zack G. Covell

I AM That, I AM
(it’s child’s play)…LOL

SQUARE Hooks millions of Users then DUMPS their Flat-Rate Monthly pricing option – the ART of being SQUARE

The world of the old credit processors is going away, in case you didn’t notice. I walk into a Starbucks and a gentleman swipes his cell phone next to the card reader and I learn it’s a plan to gain rewards with Starbucks. ONwards we go into the age of multi-dimensional-ish payments for your sharing your works and gifts with humanity. I recently learned SQUARE has removed their monthly flat-rate pricing option for small business…a HUGE HIT for new-school ways of accepting payments. They used to offer $275/ month -no matter how many swipes you do as they were the ONLY COMPANY IN the world to DO this. Companies make the SWITCH after enough SMall Business Owners join their services. It’s okay I am going with MINDBODY Online. ~ Zack Covell

The ART of the SQUARE

I was once a big blogger and we now give workshops on Body Consciousness so this system (MindBody Online) is KEY to our business and we’d like to promote it to others also as SQUARE just removed their flat-rate pricing option monthly from small business owners in accepting product payments and pre-registration for workshops via Credit Cards.

Conscious Art BY Cotton Acoustic

Cotton Acoustic Brings You Custom T-Shirts & Posters Guided And Designed VIA Zack Covell. As A Graphic Design Artist Knowledgeable In Areas Of The Lost Sciences (The HOLY SCIENCE) Missing In Our Memory For Thousands Of Years You Will Find Some Incredible Designs and Geometry! Peer Into The Vacuum Of Space-Time And Light The World With Your Fashion Sense.

Digital Consciousness Art Page:

As More t-shirts and additional designs for Posters are made including customizable products we will update this page and the main website store

To Support ArTtAUM’s works here and across the Internet please consider a T-Shirt design! Cotton Acoustic Brings You Custom T-Shirts Guided And Designed VIA Zack Covell. As A Graphic Design Artist Knowledgeable In Areas Of The Lost Sciences (The HOLY SCIENCE) Missing In Our Memory For Thousands Of Years You Will Find Some Incredible Designs and Geometry! Peer Into The Vacuum Of Space-Time And Light The World With Your Fashion Sense.

~ Zack G. Covell (owner Cotton Acoustic)
OM Namaste

The ONLY Place you will find:
1. Pyramid Energy TEE SHIRT
2. The Starkey of the Ages TEE SHIRT
3. Exquisite Harmonic Spheres TEE SHIRT
4. Mandelbrot 369 “Zeroth” Dimension TEE SHIRT
5. Mesoamerican Culture Poster


David Tangredi

new genesis

I highly recommend David P. Tangredi’s book “Journey to the Temple of Ra” even the first two chapters, the Fool and the Magician I was exclaiming insights for the story beginnings…love it so far…here’s an edition if you’re interested. In our lives we are asked to embark on journeys which reveal insights into other layers of our humanity, our connection to Mother Earth and the various constructs our Minds have shown us for opportunities for more healing and awareness. 
In David’s Book “Journey to the Temple of Ra” I am seeing many parallels in my life as well, which makes for the story a living quotient of love anda meaningful Purpose to Finding a new Way of Expressing Myself. 
Thank you for the wonderful illustrations of the Tarot in the Story David and helping me find my purpose


The Path, Emotions, and Our Creations

Can you See the new Internet emerging in the World? There’s no possible tool to keep in order all the myriad multi-dimensional lives we all co-exist in. The New Schools of the Respiring and Breathing Internet – - of Extraordinary importance with Zero Restraints – - a Great Cosmic Chuckle God is laughing as human beings hold onto their one physical body with all their other energetic bodies. Intuitive Information Sight is netted through the fabric of our Being. Maria Virginia suggests its “…the Fabric to Draw out the Education from the Spirit.”

ghg The Fabric to Draw out the Education of the Spirit

For example, I imagine in the near future multi-dimensional or metaphysical ways for presenting your resume. Core Competencies of your Physical Life and other resumes of your Trans-Lighted awakened Self as well. Or else you may be teasing yourself, a flirtation with a sincere approach to seeing the more powerful ways to use the Internet for your Self-Creation…let me share these words below to highlight the point of what we are passionate about and a multi-faceted aspect of the energy of life in other dimensions. Please Enjoy!

I will find  way to arrive with the waves of my Creator. There’s a difference between having lots of interests and awakened and cultivated gifts. For example, my love  of learning gives me insights and comprehension of a vast array of subjects. However – like enjoying a book from cover-t0-cover the chapters were written by the author although we may begin resonating with their story; our Chapters Remain Unwritten in lieu of the continual enjoyment of the life and light of Being shared by others who have begun walking their Path, Emotions, and Personal Creations.

My deep love and desire for a world ocean which is clean, healthier, and functioning on all-levels is my Holistic Subject. In other words its the outer circumstance surrounding humanity which I personally have come to understand vibrates us to experience big change. And I want to see this big change for people and its super importance. More than desires I have to be “SEEN” or “Recognized” for my actions I want the food chain and humanity to treasure the value in the oceans. It is a large part of my life, fundamental; to raise awareness about the energy of WATER and the OcEAn.

On an entirely different level although I can write out the words of life in regards to my interests; there’s a wholly other part of consciousness – - it’s what MUST happen – - not for my life  to feel fulfilled. A New Earth must show herself for a new humanity to embark down new channels of possibility, of awakening…so as to NOT TAKE the adult views so seriously. EArths angels love us through an Open Heart and the spiritual moon attunes all forms of water, which is what we are physically composed of primarily. Even in the core crystal of our Sun and his light is centered elemental Hydrogen which manifests through water and our breath.

The Earth Breathes! Under the surface looms an iceberg-sized purpose for her wisdom awakening us ALL. These aren’t just pretty words. This is a Creation for me to see more what Being is through my Hands. In other dimensions sounds and shapes build our experience – - this is only a facet, as one slice of the sparkling edge of a diamond, we shimmer and shine in all sorts of ways.

The Fire is in the Spirit, the Soul as Art, the Air is in the Oceans, the Bubbles always rise to the Surface, the Waters upon the EArth and human consciousness dancing to bring God alive on Earth and all planets.

Natural Intelligence

Sentient and Conscious OF learning Unconditional LOVE to create your own conditions for your Own Natural Self-Expression, or the exercise of your Free-Will two enlighten the soul of the World…the Anima Mundi

“The forces inside nature as bits of intellect fuel an awareness unto itself inspiring Conservation and Evoking unparalleled tasks. Evolution conducted by an orchestra of angels and sparks – Solutions from the inexhaustible banks of IDEA built upon wings, fashioned in a synchrony of hearts, healing FREEDOMS to enlighten the soul of Spirit…a principle way we drive Creation.” ~ Zack Covell

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