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Oregon Coast Wave Energy Still Jumping Through Hoops

us-navy-wave-energy-converter-powerbuoyEven though Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) left their larger plan to put 100 buoys offshore of Reedsport Oregon the company still plans a smaller project in the same area with 10 smaller buoys, beginning the summer of 2015. Since 2007, Oregon has been positioning itself to be a leader in the development of Ocean Power. Although the Oregon Territorial Sea Plan and new Zoning Rules were providing a space for OPT to launch their project in October 2012 other circumstances put the project on hold.

Kevin Watkins, the Pacific Northwest representative for Ocean Power Technologies, said developing wave energy and implementing it on a large scale just became too expensive and too complicated.

“The technical challenges, the operational challenges, coordinating with all the stakeholders including the state and federal agencies … it’s just taking longer than OPT had predicted,” Watkins said.

To be continued…

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The Root of Origin

The placenta, the root of your origin, is a miraculous organ that shares and protects your life. It is the conductor that unites you with your mother and serves as the control panel of the womb-ship that sustains you until you are born. It was conceived at the moment of your genesis. Your placenta is genetically identical to you.


Though you share some of your parents’ genetic identity, unless you have a monozygotic (identical) twin, no one, except your placenta, has ever been so perfectly, exactly you.

Sexual reproduction, the act of creating new life, only works because of the placenta. As mammals, we reproduce sexually, so sex is the reddest, hottest tile in the mosaic of our earthly lives, and the placenta is the mandala in the center of this miracle.

Historically, our creation stories tell of the Earth Mother birthing the world: her amniotic fluid became the oceans, the placenta became the Tree of Life. This demonstrates how essential the placenta is to our survival and how embedded it is in our psyche.

Source: Placenta, the Forgotten Chakra
by: Robin Lim

“It must not be forgotten that it is the placenta, an organ composed of cells, that is performing the choosing, giving/taking, storing and carrying. For example, it knows when there is a need for iron, chooses the element iron from among other substances and knows how it should be used. It is not a human being that has this knowledge, but a collection of cells called the placenta. The fact that a cell can recognize an element is surely a miracle. What is even more miraculous is that it can take the appropriate material in the required amount and carry it to a particular location. The events that occur in the miracle of human and all mammalian creation indicate a consciousness displayed by the cells, and by the molecules and atoms that produce the cells. Indeed, this consciousness does not belong to any of them, but to God who creates them and inspires in them the functions that they are to perform.”

~ Harun Yahya