Aerosol Crimes 1998-2016 Documentary on Chemtrails


Known Airborne Particulates Released from Military Aviation Vehicles

One of the more notorious facets of the “chemtrail conspiracy” is the notion that aviation vehicles are releasing chemicals such as aluminum in one way or another. How exactly this is achieved is as much a mystery as the chemicals being distributed — and not without efforts by many to investigate the potentials claimed by believers of chemtrail theories. The bottom line when it comes to the aerial distribution of chemicals in the form of chemically laden condensation trails is how this is even possible. If commercial air liners were releasing any form of toxin through a secret chamber on the plane some mechanic “not in the loop” would discover it and everyone would know. No conspiracy can web the globe and include every facet of the commercial airline business — this is basic sensible reasoning. So how then is it possible at all to perform the task of coating the skies in chemistry without it being either known or detectable? Some people suspect the fuel commercial air liners use.

Claims including a random sample of commercial jet fuel which they have tested for traces of aluminum at Kettering University. The tests were performed by mechanical and chemical engineers on a scale model jet engine and laboratory analysis. Not only did the tests yield negative to aluminum oxides in the fuels liquid and post-ignition exhaust, the technician explains how difficult it would be to introduce a strange component into the jet fuel. 

In his words, “if you had aluminum in the fuel you’d have trouble with the turbines for example, or you’d end up with metal plating showing up in the exhaust port — so it seems it would introduce some definite problems that the engine designer would have to take into account for in order to make the engine survive that.”

Looking beyond the fuel however, it is no secret that aluminum is being injected into the atmosphere via aircraft, particularly Military aircraft, and has been since the second world war. It was originally conceived in 1937 by R.K. Jones, a physicist and military intelligence expert in Britain, that the release of a reflective material from military aircraft might create radar echo’s. 

Five years later a telecommunications researcher named Joan Curran came up with the first application of what would come to be called “Chaff”, which was composed of rather large strips of aluminum foil 2cm thick and nearly a foot long. 

Zoom into the modern day and chaff particles are as small as 25 microns in diameter, and are composed of glass fibers coated in aluminum — much smaller and subject to various health and environmental concerns.

Genocide, population control, or any other catastrophic effect is not a concern with chaff however; nor are the particles of chaff small enough to remain airborne on high enough latitudes to generate the “synthetic ozone” that is speculated regarding the ‘geoengineering’ element of chemtrails we will get to later. 

Chaff is considered harmless and quite frankly considering the regulations and frequency of its use, and in light of the circumstances of its use being military activity; of all the chemical agents used in aircraft coupled with the immense volume of air travel to date, chaff is on the bottom of what I consider concerns.

One of the most notable elements of any conspiracy theory, in my findings, is the diversion or even delay of public awareness regarding a real concern — the conspiracy theory of chemtrails not withstanding. 

Atmospheric scientists around the world have voiced concerns over the excessive emissions from commercial airliners and military aircraft; not because of some hidden black ops project, but the simple pollution of our air and the potential series of effects it can have on people.

Weather Modification and Geoengineering

When I first looked into chemtrails some years ago I was surprised how much theorists bonded such a well known phenomenon as weather modification to a conspiracy when there has been no attempt made to conceal the technology. I think in the case of weather modification particularly, a lack of information, and perhaps knowledge of sciences or technologies related, perpetuates peoples imaginations to include all forms of advanced possibilities — in reality it is quite limited.

As much as some of the insinuations of chemtrail theory are real, they do not constitute chemtrails — and in the process of researching I have found the realities much more frightening than an invisible menace. The problem does not however lie with Governmental conspiracy but with regular people who own corporations. 

The corporate interests groups have established what no government black ops project can — the total removal of all liability and ethical accountability in the production, testing, and use of biological weaponry and toxic chemicals.