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In the past 10 years Zachary gained useful experience and know-how as owner and manager of technical staff in a computer repair and maintenance company and as lead building supervisor for a firm specializing in high quality environmentally responsible construction and consulting. Zachary has field experience and current knowledge in management and assessment of public and private stakeholder involvement.

Posts by Zachary Covell:

Music & Trading Using the Fibonacci Retracement Method | Tritone & Piano Relationship

Traders are subject to their emotions. In essence, understanding your own personal emotions while setting up trades in stocks or cryptocurrencies, or commodities requires you to master your emotions. So how can we think like a professional trader? A 4 part series on Youtube exists about just this topic! Speaking of our emotions and understanding(…)

Fibonacci Art and the Beautiful Proportion – How to use to trade stocks

Beautiful proportion, to our forefathers, was a direct result of the hands of Beings on high. What is thrown around today as knowledge was once vetted by adepts of the mysteries to conjure angels and demons. KNOW, your knowledge is sacred and valuable. Today let’s look again at FIBONACCI and a trading strategy called Fibonacci(…)

Step-By-Step Bitcoin Help with Zack Covell

    I provide you with all the initial coaching / conversations over the phone and remote desktop assistance on your computer so you can BUY BITCOIN or cryptocurrency for the first time. Save Yourself Hours of Time Researching What To Do! I ask a very fair $40 total to guide you getting your own cryptocurrency(…)

The Latent & Colored Impressions of Mind Expressed in Light-Waves

For those of us who have been inspired by Walter and Lao Russell many of us have also gradually understood how the Breath moves Inward and Outward and is actually happening in all Bodies. Every mass is breathing In and Out rhythmically as a result of electric action-reaction sequences of thinking. Obviously this breathing is Involuntary in(…)

Using “Roughness” in Music to Uncover a Listeners’ Likes and Dislikes

In this article we are going to learn what it takes to uncover the Listeners’ Likes and dislikes from a whole new perspective. This article is part of a larger 23-part class about music, sound, and consciousness I have been developing called “REtuning the BOdy through ENjoyment of Music And Mind.” Have you ever wondered if(…)

Hydrogen as a WHOLE OCTAVE unto Itself

If you love music like I do careful consideration of the Sharps & Flats can be expanded to many more topics than one could ever imagine. Hydrogen, Carbon, covalent and ionic bonds, mineral matrices, polarity and magnetic charges. There are so many directions you can take Sharps and Flats. For example, when I took music(…)

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