Step-By-Step Bitcoin Help with Zack Covell

    I provide you with all the initial coaching / conversations over the phone and remote desktop assistance on your computer so you can BUY BITCOIN or cryptocurrency for the first time. Save Yourself Hours of Time Researching What To Do! I ask a very fair $40 total to guide you getting your own cryptocurrency(…)

Hydrogen as a WHOLE OCTAVE unto Itself

If you love music like I do careful consideration of the Sharps & Flats can be expanded to many more topics than one could ever imagine. Hydrogen, Carbon, covalent and ionic bonds, mineral matrices, polarity and magnetic charges. There are so many directions you can take Sharps and Flats. For example, when I took music(…)

Water, Not Global Warming

Water, not global warming, is likely to be the greatest environmental challenge facing the world in the coming decades and centuries.¬†Water will be the next large investment industry as without water there is no life. Water will become the ultimate nanotechnology and thus one of the most lucrative and viable sectors for future investment. Large(…)