In the Field

The Latent & Colored Impressions of Mind Expressed in Light-Waves

For those of us who have been inspired by Walter and Lao Russell many of us have also gradually understood how the Breath moves Inward and Outward and is actually happening in all Bodies. Every mass is breathing In and Out rhythmically as a result of electric action-reaction sequences of thinking. Obviously this breathing is Involuntary in(…)

Local Water Utilities: Developing Robust Strategies Using the Language of Vulnerability Assessment

Our collective choices today influence greatly our future tomorrow as we enter a time of placing more and more importance on how we utilize water. From washing our hands to aqua ducts moving millions of gallons of water per day our water utilities have their work cut out for them. At first the water utilities focused(…)

Santa Monica Water Intentions for 2016

My purpose already and leading into 2016 is to find work in the water sector. I am located in Santa Monica, California. A career or great opportunity working with water and communities of interest. I’m not here to work on specific hot topics like a drought or free energy and climate change. I’m here to(…)