The Latent & Colored Impressions of Mind Expressed in Light-Waves

For those of us who have been inspired by Walter and Lao Russell many of us have also gradually understood how the Breath moves Inward and Outward and is actually happening in all Bodies. Every mass is breathing In and Out rhythmically as a result of electric action-reaction sequences of thinking. Obviously this breathing is Involuntary in Most Cases. elrond

Our brain records memories, experiences and information electrically. This breathing of energy In and Out writes Latent Impressions expressed in Light-Waves upon the static equilibrium of our Consciousness. However, our sensations are dynamic, moving, and constantly changing so the static equilibrium Nature of Consciousness is not recognized Consciously. This is a result of the electrically-sensed predominating awareness of our body as thought forms through the senses. The countless latent impressions on the bed of the lake of mind are a storage place. In the ancient practices of Yoga this Iron Mountain where all Information is Recorded and stored is called “Chitta.” It is the equivalent of the inert gases in the table of elements. But do not think Chitta is an element like Carbon is an element. The storage place is toneless, dimensionless, formless, and still.

spaciousThe visible and invisible universe, or as the physical and spiritual universe, have a storage place for the Pictures and Sounds they record in us through our eyes, ears, nose, palette, and skin. The external world (exoteric) takes in sensory impressions and data and etches the pressures into our Mind (esoteric). The pictures and sounds that concentrate from invisible space form the visible things by integrating large volumes into small volumes, bringing the WHOLE of Creation Contained in Space (ÆtheR) into the physical realm and denser pressures. The pictures and sounds that decentrate help things return to space itself by reducing pressures and disintegrating the physical bodies back into the formlessness of space.

“Mind thinks ideas of its knowing into form by dividing one idea which can be known into many parts. These parts are electrically projected into a three dimensional universe through the pulsations of thinking. The brain records the thought forms, symbols, and other electric actions but records of thoughts are not thoughts.” ~ Walter Russell

Matter and Space which constantly interchange equally by Outbreathing and Inbreathing dance on both sides and all around the zero of stillness. This dynamic movement of interchange is motivated by your desire to manifest what Mind knows. But what is this Mind and is it the same thing as thoughts?

After the pictures and sounds of Creation are stored in the Chitta which is toneless, dimensionless, formless, and still; the supervisor of sight, hearing, smelling, taste, and touching takes the light-waves of sensory impressions and data to the lower Mind. The lower mind in the Yogic Traditions is called Manas.

doalleyeteeManas are where the Mind interacts with the External World. This is where Duality is Born. This is where all Stories Sprang. This is the Big Bang. And as banging someone can refer to sex this is where the electric thinking of Mind gave rise to the FAtheR (2). This is also where the electric thinking of Mind gave rise to the MOtheR (3). It’s only in their UnIOn (1) that there is no Questions or Doubts in life or tendency to do things in excess. For example, the patterns of the Mind field can be Colored by thoughts of fear, Aversion, Attachment, Egoism, or Ignorance of our True Nature. These types of thoughts are not very useful because they Create Pressures in our Mind field. This is the prism of how energy moves through “matter manifest as Mind thinking.” Furthermore, the Manas are not the CEO of the Company, but only a worker who carries out directions and follows orders. The orders are to breathe In and breathe Out from a balanced center in YOU.

Purifying (or un-clouding) the Mind through meditation reduces pressure between the UN-realities where “Quantities” of sensed matter in motion are seeking the realities as “Qualities” of Mind are balanced preventing these two potentials from coming into direct contact with each other. At rest the composite of all the Colors (E-motions) are Harmonious and Centered. Eventually the colors we Experience as Emotions fade but this does not mean that our feelings become inert or robot-like. We are still fully able to enjoy life and the world.

6232761_origAs colors of Mind fade away there is a strong Wave that declares “I AM.” The Yogic traditions point out this is not Manas, or how Mind interacts with the external world, this is called Ahamkara. Ahamkara is the Individuality or Ego. When rising thoughts and emotions are colored with either attraction or aversion the data or impressions in the stillness of Chitta has formed a partnership with Ahamkara. A bonding or partnership produces Motion. The “IAM” Ahamkara wave is the strong electricity that is a servant to the Mind. The service partnership is to preserve itself and transform one substance into another through motion. This motion is all the Effects we Observe in the Universe based on our Actions. It is similar to when we observe an Overcast day with Clouds outside, the partnership of Chitta with Ahamkara leads to “cloudy” Manas (Mind). If we go through life always preserving our sense of self and individuality we will continually repeat the writing of our desires upon our senses and this keeps us in the LOOP of matter and never gets us beyond the brain, so we can KNOW a thing directly.

Paraphrasing Walter Russell here, “…the reason you think that you have a separate Mind of your own is that the thoughts you think ARE the ones stored in your brain as memories of experience of your own Body, or of your Own thoughts Stored.

“Your brain is electric matter, just electric waves which all matter is. Matter does not think nor does it KNOW. You do not think with your Brain, you think through it by Projecting an Electric Current through it.” ~ Walter Russell

Referencing the fourth and Last Aspect of Mind, is “Buddhi.” Buddhi is the KNOWER. Buddhi is the higher MIND. If the lower Mind (Manas) will accept Buddhi’s guidance we can KNOW without repeatedly thinking into imagined forms and recording brain memories, experiences and information electrically. Unconditional Love and Light is KNOWING. Thinking is “conditioned.” Buddhi is the CEO of the Company. Buddhi is a bright and sunny day with no clouds in the Mind. Buddhi is the watcher who leads us to the fruits of feeling Oneness and Balance. The Love principle is important here because Buddhi is the KNOWER who carved up the universe splitting Unity into Duality in the first place. And we have to go backwards to refold through stillness and unfold into a whole new reality to feel pure consciousness.

8513775_origWe must master each step of our Breath by letting go of all the pictures and sounds stored in our memories. The seven colors of the rainbow are born from them. We must return our everyday existence to living in the world of unconditioned Light which is the same as saying with “all of its seeming complexity we will lead our Self to the most surprising simplicity.” If we always let the colored impressions stored in our sensory-motor Mind make decisions we will not yield to the fullness possible in experientially unpacking reality as it truly <IS>

Thank you for reading. Written by Zachary Covell 3/23/16

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