Music & Trading Using the Fibonacci Retracement Method | Tritone & Piano Relationship

Traders are subject to their emotions. In essence, understanding your own personal emotions while setting up trades in stocks or cryptocurrencies, or commodities requires you to master your emotions. So how can we think like a professional trader?

A 4 part series on Youtube exists about just this topic!

Speaking of our emotions and understanding how to be a professional trader, this TENSION held in our body can be understood in one way using Musical ideas. For example, when listening to great music the Tension in our body is released or RESOLVED. There is harmony and no dissonance or tension (pressure felt).

In stock investing the same phenomena exists because the decisions people make, whether conscious or not, expose the relationship of Natures pulsing spirals.

In the study of music this is evidenced as the Major 3rd and the minor 6th in music theory form a relationship or tension release and buildup, like a stock price being held down under resistance.

C# F# and G# are three sonic pillars that exist not just in music. The sounds both audible and inaudible in our world give rise to the energies that become translated by our body as emotion.

This art below is supposed to represent the 3 pillars and how emotions play into making decisions in market trading.

You may notice a slight similarity between piano keys and candlesticks on the stock chart to the right.

“When music and courtesy are better understood and appreciated, there will be no war.”
~ Confucius

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