How I Explain USI Tech and Bitcoin Growth at 1% per day

You buy a “package of Bitcoin for $60” by sending that amount of the Bitcoin you already have stored in your online wallet elsewhere

You can buy as many packages as u want

You earn 1% per day for 140 days. That’s 140% profit then you get your bitcoin back.

Plus the profit!!!

You use the Bitcoin you already have to get the packages you don’t have to buy them new

There are 500000 members in USI Tech

The incentive for getting others to share their bitcoin means every person you also get to use their bitcoin and earn more you get 10% from their involvement

The comp plan is Not binary though

Can sponsor as many people as u want on the first level

It’s not a security so it’s legal and vetted by law firm

They have a $70 million data center mining Bitcoin and Ethereum in Iceland

Company Uses an Ai trading bot to get you 1% interest per day

So you don’t have to monitor the bot it’s within the structure of the company working 24/7

USI Tech successfully did this on the Forex markets for 8 years with accredited investors

For us they only pay out 1%

So it’s working amazingly well

In crypto

That’s the long and the short of it

1% per day compounds and if you don’t make your withdrawals of your interest earned (which u can do daily) you can choose to rebuy more packages for no additional capital of Bitcoin

Can make up t0 400% in 140 days with 100% reinvest of all interest earned

No cost to sign up and no fees of any kind

Just use your Bitcoin you already have or let me assist you with that

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