What About Hydrogen?

You are the Universes largest transaction ever, in terms of energies. You contain in your heart the merger of a vast cosmos which could be called the Intergalactic Experiential College of Arts & Sciences, e.g. beings of humanity.alignment of the chakras walks within

Before you come into material existence the ground states of all the elements follow the pattern of the excited states in the hydrogen atom. That’s why this page is devoted to the WATER. We understand the significance of Hydrogen and its miracle as a bridge from the Spiritual realms into our Physical world.

As complex as it MAY SEEM, the chemical properties of the Physical World have been reduced to three distinct building blocks. The protons and neutrons of the atomic nucleus, and the electrons bound to the nucleus by the electric forces including the quantum rules of the physics of energy present.

The atomic architecture of chemically inert noble gases CLOSE the electron spin state of each new type of element. For example, once the electron SHELLS are completed just following an inert gas, the next element can be formed in the wave interference pattern of the opposite spin state of what scientists call an Electron.

The universe is always looking to CREATE LIFE using the LOWEST ENERGY orbiting an atom…in this way the Universe is conserving its energies and magnetic qualities of matter are balanced when chaos is surrounding.

Two elements in the 4th shell of elements are the FIRST TO BE CREATED out of phase with the lower octave; POTASSIUM and CALCIUM. Owing to these two elements is the birth of Scandium (Sc) and Titanium (Ti), because they have matching chemical properties of the elements ABOVE and BELOW them in the periodic table.

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