YouTube Tricks and Secret Code for Your Videos | No More Popup Window to YouTube

So here’s the deal.  We all love learning and watching videos on

Nothing fancy today, but for those of you that take advantage of the embed code I’m about to give you it will change your webpages forever.

I have learned that this is not something youtube likes at all, but for all you marketers, this is powerful.

When you currently embed someone else’s YouTube video you get a video that plays and if it gets clicked the person leaves your website and goes directly to the YouTube channel of the user who posted the video originally.

Now wouldn’t it be cool to have the ability to embed your YouTube videos and from others too without having the video make your readers leave your website?

Here’s what to do.

1. Copy this code from the Link below and paste it into a Notepad or Text Editor document:


Grab the Code here


We’ll be using the Trailer from Avatar as an example video because it was posted by someone else other than me and I don’t want people to click on the video while playing it and leave my site.

The video on the left is the ORIGINAL YOUTUBE EMBED code and the video on the right is my NEW YOUTUBE EMBED CODE without the popup effect. You’ll like it, try to click on both videos and see the difference.

2.  After you have clicked on the two difference videos below now comes the fun part, your own videos from YouTube.

3.  In the code you copied above you’ll see a section of text that relates to the YouTube video you wish to play.

4.  In that text from the link above you see “cRdxXPV9GNQ” which is the normal VideoID after the equals sign at YouTube (e.g. this video is at

5.  All you have to do now to get your own video set up and embedded on your site is replace the VideoID of you own video, or anyone elses, and replace the “cRdxXPV9GNQ” in the code above and you’re all set.



If you do not immediately see the difference between the videos please let me know ASAP.  This is the coolest embed trick I’ve found in some time.  Please comment below if this trick works for you too.  See ya soon… Zack