Hydrogen as a WHOLE OCTAVE unto Itself

If you love music like I do careful consideration of the Sharps & Flats can be expanded to many more topics than one could ever imagine. Hydrogen, Carbon, covalent and ionic bonds, mineral matrices, polarity and magnetic charges. There are so many directions you can take Sharps and Flats. For example, when I took music lessons from a very insightful and giving man named Mark Rossi he taught me that the musical modes played in ancient Greece were not only using the Sharps and Flat notes in a specific numerical sequence, but he knew what CAUSED the modes to sound the way they do. He knows how the Sharps and Flats create the different movements of sounds. At first I was like, so what! But later on it dawned on me that the Sharps and Flats are CAUSED by the interaction of sound moving inside out of itself, forwards, backwards, and into other dimensions. There was a CAUSE to the EFFECT of Sharps and Flats being present in music. The Greek Modes were created by the WAY the Sharps and Flats work with one another, also the dissonance, the way they work against each other.

Sharps and Flats are also the EFFECT of certain ratios of “pressures” in the movement of sound. These are often called the “harmonic series” or “overtones.” These pressures influence the resident qualities of how sound EFFECTS US. (some will bring up gravity or radiation at this point but I will not for now).

sharps and flats
Compressed Spheres

Sound is Magnetic, Sound is Silence taking on the ROLL of Motion and in this two-way universe of EFFECT the most instrumental CAUSE is how STILLNESS is REFLECTED into MOTION. Could there be an application to this principle in the real world? Could this be the secret the Knights Templar were trying to protect? One thing is certain; without knowing he Cause of Things we will never know the Effects.

Okay, I don’t want to take you into some esoteric realm that is too philosophical or simply going to put you asleep from boredom. Let’s take this concept of the Sharps and Flats into today. What we see below are two beautiful examples of PLASMA energy inside a process called Nuclear transmutation. Nuclear transmutation is the conversion of one chemical element or isotope into another. The plasma is 300 Million degrees up to 1 Billion Degrees.  You take take heat from this and convert it to power.  — actually the more promising technologies can go from the plasma straight to electricity bypassing the steam turbine to electricity. For one minute let us entertain the idea that the same polarity concept of a Sharp and Flat in Music is also the SPLITTING of a TONE into its isotopes. But what is an isotope really?

Plasma Fusion

According to Walter Russell; what science found were FULL TONES, not isotopes. Science had numbered the elements from 1 to 92, however, on the presumption that there were no others, and had no alternative but to call them isotopes. In the chemical elements, the sharps and flats are isotopes. Russell says the 5th octave is the balancing of the 9. Put another way, Nature does not begin to split her tones until she has passed TWO OCTAVES beyond carbon which means until Octave #6. “Man is two octaves below God”, accredited to Pythagoras.

Are the 4th and 5th octaves the most important to our “listening?” As we can see nearly all the notes we listen to in music from Equal Temperament Tuning using a chromatic scale fall within the 4th and 5th octave.

et chromatics

Put another way, the fundamentals of 54, 55, 56, and 57 hertz seem to correlate to the vast majority of sounds we “listen” to. So our own musical choices relate to octaves and where we are “tuning into.”

Additionally, Russell once wrote that Hydrogen is not one element, but eight. HYDROGEN is a WHOLE OCTAVE IN itself but Nature has not made it possible for the senses of man to detect this easily. There is a great cosmic see-saw in the universe, the pulses of light are reflections of sound and other forms of movement, and Light is actually DISTILLED by magnetism, meaning; Light is transferred across from one wave-field to another.

Not all radioactive decay or nuclear reactions cause transmutation, but all transmutation is caused by either decay or nuclear reaction. Believe it or not, this is all still about Music and Sound. One day we will C the meaning and be more capable of explaining it.

Walter Russell

“Of even greater importance to the world in this crucial period is the production of unlimited quantities of free hydrogen. This ideal weightless fuel could be transmuted from the atmosphere while in transit without the necessity of storage capacity.” ~ Walter Russell

This topic goes back to the 1920’s and is presently being researched in Universities around the world. Many Memorial Unions at universities have dome-shaped or toroidal-shaped foyers. In their laboratories and experimentation facilities they use the original architectural concepts built into the campus to design the first generation of fusion power plants which will provide ZERO EMISSION POWER for humanity one day. Disruptive, innovative water technologies will capitalize on the $620 Billion global water sector. And you thought the Age of Aquarius had to be “in the future.” NO MORE!

In 1927 Russell transmuted distilled H2O into significant amounts of hydrogen, or helium, or nitrogen, or fluorine – at the Westinghouse Laboratories.


A sudden release of pressure at the edge of the plasma inside a torus or dome, similar, but not the same as, a solar flare; many tiny filament structures in the plasma during a disruption of motion transmutes into a potentially monumentally powerful form of hydrogen called deuterium, one of two stable isotopes of hydrogen. There are now many experiments using helium-3 or deuterium to perform nuclear transmutation and suspend the energy inside a magnetic field.

See: Fusion Projects and Experiments

List of international fusion organizations

We all know the world is ready to greatly increase the efficacy of utilizing technologies that have now become very competitive with the grandpa tech e.g. coal, oil, nuclear radioactive etc. Nuclear Plasma Fusion is going to be a very cost effective and safe option for our pursuits.

Zachary G 

Nuclear fusion within reach VIDEO

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