Step-By-Step Bitcoin Help with Zack Covell


I provide you with all the initial

coaching / conversations over the

phone and remote desktop assistance

on your computer so you can

BUY BITCOIN or cryptocurrency

for the first time.

Save Yourself Hours of Time Researching What To Do!

I ask a very fair $40 total

to guide you getting your own cryptocurrency

with my help!

I will help you:

1. Better Understand Bitcoin

2. Setup your own online wallet

3. Link your bank account

4. Buy Crypto STEP-BY-STEP

Identification Verification Identification Verification
Remote Assistance via Skype Remote Assistance

5. Help You Store Your Crypto Safely

Ledger Wallet protects your bitcoins
BONUS: For those that wish to buy small amounts of Bitcoin
to accumulate it with each paycheck
I’ll help you setup an automatic payment so you can
keep accumulating more and in affordable intervals.

‘Confirm Appointment’ below and then

leave a voicemail @ (949) 484-6947, message me

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